Britain’s 20 richest sportsmen revealed as 13 Premier League stars make the list


Players from Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham top the Sunday Times Rich List for sportspeople under 30

Paul Pogba is the Premier League’s richest player

The financial might of the Premier League’s biggest stars has been surprisingly clear in the latest rich list.

The directory Sunday Times Rich List shows how much the top players in the country are earning compared to other industries. The money at stake at the top level of the domestic game continues to soar, with the Premier League’s big six clubs in an arms race to attract the best players in the world. Players can then use their status and image to sign lucrative endorsements with brands.

The result is inflated transfer fees and wages, with top Premier League clubs able to turn young men into millionaires in record time. England star Jack Grealish holds the league transfer record after his £100million move to Manchester City from Aston Villa last summer, but he has yet to rack up enough personal income to break into the squad richest players.

There are 13 players in The Sunday Times list of the top 20 people under 30 who are involved in the sport. All play for the six richest clubs in the league: Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea.

United may be having a bad time on the pitch, with the side in sixth place and close to completing a fifth successive campaign without silverware, but they remain big spenders, alongside Liverpool. Both clubs have four players in the top 20 – more than Man City’s two and one each for Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Paul Pogba tops the UK-based footballer charts. According to the newspaper, the 29-year-old midfielder is worth £77million, a substantial sum more than any of his peers. Pogba joined United in an £89million transfer from Juventus in 2016 and has since earned a weekly salary of £290,000.

Kevin De Bruyne earns £385,000 a week at Man City


Juan Gasparini/Getty Images)

The Frenchman is set to leave Old Trafford this summer when his contract expires and his departure will leave Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne as the Premier League’s richest player. De Bruyne signed a new £385,000-a-week contract with City last year and is therefore bringing in around £20million per season.

Pogba and De Bruyne are only beaten by three youngsters involved in the sports industry. At the top of the tree is Jack Sullivan, 22, who is the son of West Ham chairman David Sullivan, who is worth over £1billion, as the Sunday Times takes into account the overall wealth of his family.

Sullivan is followed by Gymshark brand owner Ben Francis, 29, and Lewis Morgan, also 29, who co-founded the sportswear brand and is now chairman of AYBL Group. Here is the full list.

1. Jack Sullivan – Property, Football & Media – £1.118 billion

2. Ben Francis – owner of Gymshark – £900m

3. Lewis Morgan – Sportswear and Estate – £147m

4. Paul Pogba – Manchester United – £77m

5. Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City – £58m

6. Raheem Sterling – Manchester City – £50m

7. Harry Kane – Tottenham – £42m

7. Romelu Lukaku – Chelsea – £42m

9. Mohamed Salah – Liverpool – £41m

10. Reiss & Kristian Edgerton – Glasses – £40m

11. Virgil van Dijk – Liverpool – £33m

12. William Vaughan – Paddleboards – £30m

13. Luke Shaw – Manchester United – £28m

14. Alexandre Lacazette – Arsenal – £27m

15. Roberto Firmino – Liverpool – £26m

15. Reece Wabara – Football and Fashion – £26m

17. Marcus Rashford – Manchester United – £22m

18. Joel and Kieran Holmes-Darby – eSports – £20m

18. Raphael Varane – Manchester United – £20m

18. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – Liverpool – £20m

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