Bharat Alt Fuel ventures into electric vehicles and establishes unit in Krishnagiri district


Bharat Alt Fuel (BAF) is the latest startup to choose the emerging electric vehicle (EV) hub of Hosur-Krishnagiri-Dharmapuri (HKD) region to set up its electric scooter manufacturing plant by investing Rs 250 crore over the next three to five years. years.

The sprawling factory which will manufacture electric scooters, batteries and motors will settle on an area of ​​40,000 square meters in Krishnagiri district. The company, which was established in 2020, expects to sell the first set of vehicles, which will be assembled at the proposed plant, within the next eight months.

BAF, whose electric scooter project will be funded by Dr. Vanki Penchalaiah, an industrialist with an interest in mining education, will start with a production capacity of 25,000 units per year that will be gradually increased to 1 lakh.

“The vehicle will also be equipped with a fast charging facility which will charge the battery to 100% in 20 minutes – each battery cycle will have a range of 120-150 km,” said Sorubh Kumar Bharti, Executive Director of BAF. Friday.

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The company recently signed a facilitation memorandum of understanding with the government of Tamil Nadu for the establishment of the factory – the factory will be built on a private plot of land owned by the developers.

Except for a few components like semiconductors which are imported, the electric scooter is over 80% indigenous and BAF plans to launch the two-wheeler in Chennai after which it will be seen on the roads of Bengaluru and Hyderabad. . The company also has export projects.

With the prototype being tested in different terrains, the company has priced the scooter, which will be available in three variants, between Rs 89,000 and Rs 1.10 lakh. Bharti said the company chose the HKD region as it offers the ecosystem for the fledgling industry.

“Our factory will be an integrated unit that will not only manufacture electric scooters, but also the motors and batteries used in them. The company will create direct and indirect employment opportunities for 3,000 people. We will also receive new talents of the promoter-owned Audisankara Innovation and Incubation Center,” Bharti added.

BAF is the latest company to choose HKD as the base for its electric vehicle manufacturing unit. Ola, Ather, TVS Motors, Simple Energy and Sri Vaaru Motors are investing in the region by building huge facilities to manufacture electric scooters.

Ampère also drives electric two-wheelers from its factory in Ranipet. The Tamil Nadu government is also courting battery manufacturers to locate their stores in the region.

Bharti said the electric scooter has been designed in such a way that it can support a payload of up to 250 kg as the two-wheelers are used for personal and business purposes in rural areas. Construction of the plant is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2022-23 and will be partially operational by 2023.

Asked if the company has taken recent electric scooter fire incidents into account, Bharti said that the two-wheelers made by BAF will use good quality auxiliary parts as well as the latest phosphate battery technology from BAF. lithium (LFP) which has superior thermal and chemical stability.

“We have signed memorandums of understanding with American and Taiwanese companies that have experience in the field. Our scooters will have high payload capacity, battery swap or quick charge enabled, tilt over 25° and CVT transmission,” Bharti added.


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