Barcelona: How Xavi’s team play: Wide wingers, high pressure, possession … a clear style


Xavi hernandez is closer and closer to becoming Barcelona coach, while his two-year period as a coach Al Sadd in Qatar looks set to end.

Xavi had an excellent start to his coaching career as a Al Sadd boss, leading them through a period of superiority in Qatar, with a squad of 10 full-fledged Qatari internationals.

MARCA has been following his progress closely, as last week we traveled to Qatar to watch his team’s training sessions and games, and here are some key points we learned about how a Xavi hernandez side games.


“My teams must do damage by possession of the ball”, Xavi recently told The Coaches’ Voice.

“Having the ball is the best way to defend yourself. “

His Al Sadd team have very high possession percentages, although this could be a direct result of the superiority of their players.

Xavi desvela sus secretos de entrenador: “Lo ms bonito del ftbol es tener el baln”

Wide wingers

Another from XaviThe clear idea of ​​is that he wants to make full use of the width of the pitch with full wingers; something less common today as the role of the traditional winger is outdated.

With Al Sadd he used a young Akram Afif, who is currently Qatar’s best player, left side, and Xavi will seek to use the wings to damage Barcelonahis opponents.

High pressure

In XaviOn the side, everyone is defending when the team is out of possession, with the team pressing their opponents high on the pitch.

“The more we get the ball, the closer we get to the opponent’s area”, Xavi noted.

The masterful class of Xavi: superar el blocks bajo del rival, protegerse de los contragolpes …

Position game

Position play is one of the key factors in BarcelonaDNA from and he was best represented for Pep guardiolafate, the coach Xavi considers the best in the world at the moment.

Position play is all about creating a numerical superiority all over the field in order to injure the opponent, and Xavi will look to install it once again at Camp Nou.

Playing from the back

This is one of the characteristics of its Al Sadd side, who almost always looks to build from behind to start their attacks, despite the fact that their players are of lower quality than those of Spain.

“When you take the ball out, the third man is impossible to defend,” said Xavi.

“To imagine [Gerard] Prick want to play the ball to me, but I’m marked. I have someone who marks me, a very boring guy.

“It’s clear that Prick can’t pass it to me, that’s obvious, so I walk away and bring my marker with me. Then [Lionel] Messi falls and becomes the second man.

Prick is the first, Messi the second and I am the third. And that’s how it goes continuously. Playing from behind like that always creates superiority. ”

These are some of the precepts of Xavifootball, and he will strive to present them effectively when he takes charge of his childhood club.

“We want people to enjoy watching my team,” said Xavi.

“My style is undeniable and this is how we want to hurt our opponents.”

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