As of July 12, convictions for possession of marijuana can be struck



TUCSON (KVOA) – Proposition 207 legalized recreational marijuana in Arizona. Now, certain convictions for possession of marijuana can be deleted from a person’s record as of July 12.

News 4 Tucson spoke with the Pima County District Attorney’s Office (PCAO) about how they work to help people clear their names.

It’s a process that they try to make as easy as possible. You complete an online form on the PCAO website. If you are eligible, they will submit the delisting request at no cost to you.

If you are concerned about your own criminal legal status, the PCAO advises you to consult a lawyer before submitting your information.

For those willing to apply, Pima County attorney Laura Conover says they’re ready to help.

“It’s a very quick process, limited information, only what is required by law to file in court,” Conover said. “We want it to be easy and free.”

Persons eligible for expungement include persons who have been arrested, charged, convicted or acquitted of prior possession, consumption, transportation or cultivation of two and a half ounces or less of marijuana, six or less marijuana plants, and any related paraphernalia. to charges.

According to Clark Wu, a Bianchi and Brandt lawyer specializing in cannabis law, if you apply for expungement in Arizona and it is accepted, your case will be erased.

“It goes away, the state is not supposed to divulge it to anyone who submits a file request, and you can go out and say to the world ‘I was never charged, I was never arrested, I was never charged. I’ve never been sentenced and I think it’s powerful, ”Wu said.

Conover says such convictions have made it impossible for people to find jobs, find housing and even buy a car. She also believes that this effort can change lives.

“It comes down to every search for your name, so you can’t overstate the benefit of removing that from your record,” Conover said.

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