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A 53-year-old man was arrested Saturday on suspicion of felony possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of credit cards without the owner’s permission and two misdemeanors, according to a booking report from the Carson City Sheriff’s Office.

Douglas Lloyd Melanson, 53, of Grass Valley, Calif., was taken into custody at 5:53 p.m. He was also arrested for driving with a suspended license and without a valid driver’s license.

According to the reservation report, a deputy observed a vehicle reported stolen from the Reno Police Department while patrolling downtown. The deputy confirmed it was robbed via Carson City dispatch and activated their lights to perform a high-risk traffic stop.

The driver, Melanson, was detained. He was read his Miranda warning and informed of his rights. He said he did not know the vehicle had been reported stolen. When his name and driver’s license status were executed, it was learned that his license had been suspended and he did not have a valid license. He was taken into custody for alleged possession of a stolen vehicle.

Upon inventory of the vehicle, there were three credit cards with another person’s name on them. This person was contacted by the CCSO, who informed Melanson that he did not have permission to be in possession of the credit cards. Deposit: $20,000.

In other arrests:
— A 42-year-old woman, Teresa Saunders, was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of third household battery and resisting arrest. According to the booking report, a deputy from the Carson City Sheriff’s Office saw a man and a woman arguing near the intersection of Carson Street and East John Street. The deputy saw the woman grab, push and push the male victim.

The officer asked the woman what she was doing and she admitted to grabbing the man. As the officer spoke with the woman, she turned and began to walk away, saying she had not beaten the man. The officer told the woman three times to come back and talk, but she continued to walk away, the report said.

The deputy grabbed the suspect and handcuffed him. The woman began to resist. A records check showed that the woman had two prior domestic assault convictions, one in 2018 and the other in 2020. She was arrested on suspicion of a third offense of domestic assault and resistance on arrest. Deposit: $16,137.

– A 30-year-old Carson City man, Luis Manuel Rodriguez, was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of assault and battery with a deadly weapon. According to the booking report, the suspect was in a fight and allegedly hit the male victim in the head with a beer bottle. A deposit amount was not provided in the booking report.

– A 35-year-old Carson City woman, Valerie Dawn Walker, was arrested Sept. 9 on two felony warrants alleging fraudulent use of a credit card, obtaining/possessing a credit card credit or debit without the owner’s consent and obtaining money or property by false pretence. Deposit: $7,500.

— A 63-year-old woman, Julie Holway, was arrested on Saturday, September 10, on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor violation of a suspended sentence. She was held without bond in lieu of a warrant hearing.

– A 39-year-old Reno man was arrested Saturday, Sept. 10, on suspicion of second impaired driving and failure to maintain a lane.

According to the Booking report, at 10:37 p.m., a Detective Sergeant with the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office reported a reckless driver traveling south on I-580 through Washoe Valley, going between 80 mph and 90 mph in an area of 70mph. The sergeant saw the man pull out of the designated traffic lane, nearly collide with other vehicles and hit the freeway jersey wall.

A Carson City Sheriff’s Deputy pulled up behind the suspect vehicle and observed that the vehicle failed to maintain its lane of travel, swerving outside the designated lane lines. The officer initiated a traffic stop after exiting southbound I-580 at North Carson Street and Arrowhead Drive north of the intersection.

The deputy contacted the driver and observed red, watery eyes and the smell of alcohol coming from his person. The man said he had just purchased the vehicle and recently visited DMV, but left his registration and papers at home, the report said.

During field sobriety testing, the man showed signs of impairment and provided a preliminary breath test of 0.221. He was stopped. He first said he would do a blood test for evidence. He later withdrew his consent to a blood draw, instead consenting to a breath test.

During the breathalyzer, he was unable to provide a valid test. He was then asked if he would consent to a blood test. The man refused to consent to the probative blood test. A telephone warrant was requested by the CCSO and granted by a judge in Carson City. The man’s criminal history showed a previous drunk driving conviction in 2016. He was booked for a second DUI. Deposit: $2,500.

– A 19-year-old Dayton man was arrested Sept. 9 on suspicion of assaulting a protected person, a serious misdemeanor. The suspect allegedly punched a member of Behavioral Health Services staff. The suspect is awaiting Legal 2000.

–A 33-year-old Reno man was arrested on Sunday for a misdemeanor domestic battery warrant issued by Sparks City Court. Deposit: $3,500.

–A 43-year-old Carson City man was arrested at 9 a.m. on Sunday for misdemeanor violation of a domestic violence protection order. Deposit: $3,137.

– A 30-year-old man was arrested Sept. 9 for misdemeanor contempt of warrant issued by the Carson City court. Security deposit: $2,500 in cash.

All crime log information (unless otherwise noted) comes from arrest reports provided by the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and is considered by law to be public information. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in court. Carson Now’s policy is to name anyone arrested for a crime.


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