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One of the best things you can do for your physical and mental / emotional health is to be outdoors. Especially at this time of year, with the sun above our heads, helping our bodies to produce vitamin D.

And now that you’re outside, whether it’s walking your dog, gardening, or relaxing and reading a book, here’s one more thing to bring: kick off your shoes and walk barefoot. Direct contact with the Earth allows your body to absorb electrons. It’s called ‘grounding‘ or ‘grounding‘. Aside from feeling great just walking barefoot in the grass, there are some pretty amazing health benefits as well.

First of all, you need to remove all barriers to the flow of electrons: “insulating materials” such as rubber and plastics – the material of our shoes and boots – must be gone. However, you don’t have to walk barefoot, you can also just lie on the ground, in the grass. When you put your body in direct contact with the earth, it allows electrons from the earth to flow through your body. These free electrons act as antioxidants, their negative charge repressing and stopping free radical (positively charged) damage. Electrons help rebalance your body from a positive charge to a more neutral charge.

Content of the article

The Earth has an abundance of excess electrons, which are continually renewed by atmospheric storms. Lightning strikes that occur during thunderstorms are the main source of these electrons. And, because the Earth is so conductive, this charge (these electrons) is distributed all over the world.

Our body is then able to attract these electrons (negatively charged) due to our abundance of positively charged ions (electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and magnesium). Connecting to this flow of electrons puts our body in phase with the electrical potential of the Earth.

Grounding has many health benefits. These benefits have been observed in numerous studies that mimic the effect of walking barefoot (grounding) by having subjects sleep on an earth pad – a conductive mattress connected to a dedicated earth wire (the wire can literally be grounded – from a window or connected to the “grounding port” of an electrical outlet).

Connecting to the Earth’s surface (grounding) and absorbing these electrons produces significant results. The flow of electrons in your body improves a state of relaxation (parasympathetic state), which allows your body to heal. The results of the study were extremely impressive: elimination of sleep dysfunction as well as other stress-related symptoms, as cortisol levels are normalized.

Cortisol is an adrenal hormone that is released when your body is stressed; and cortisol also disrupts your sleep-wake cycle. Other stress-related symptoms such as anxiety and poor digestion are also reduced or eliminated in this process. Inflammatory conditions (pain) and muscle tension decrease or are eliminated; brain waves and blood volume are normalized, and heart rate variability improves as well.

This summer, get into the habit of going out to color your skin (allowing your body to make good amounts of vitamin D). And while you’re at it, get up close to the land and garden or just hang out on the ground, or go play at the beach. Your body will thank you.

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