Andrew Cuomo ordered to return millions of Covid Memoir profits


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The New York State Ethics Commission ordered former Gov. Andrew Cuomo to forgo the millions of dollars he earned from his quickly published pandemic memoir “America’s Crisis: Lessons in Leadership from the Covid-19 pandemic ”, published in October of last year. According to a Wall Street Journal article, the resolution was approved and released by the Joint Committee on Public Ethics and gives Cuomo 30 days to comply.

Cuomo’s attorney says they plan to challenge the order in court, “[s]if they seek to enforce this action “, which derives from a clause in the publishing contract approved by the ethics commission stating that” no property, personnel or other resources of the State may be used for any purpose. activities associated with the book. ”November, and after that, a report by the State Assembly committee alleged that Cuomo had violated this condition by having assistants prepare briefs during working hours, as well as ‘by recording the audiobook version in the Executive Mansion in New York.

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A previous statement from Cuomo’s team said all of the state aid in question was voluntary and “any use of state resources was incidental,” according to the WSJ article.

Tax returns filed earlier this year indicate Cuomo received $ 3.1 million in 2020 from his book, of which $ 500,000 was donated to charity. However, the total value of his publishing deal with Crown stood at $ 5.1 million in previously filed state disclosures, and it is not known whether or not Cuomo received that additional $ 2 million to at some point this year.

Adding even more to Cuomo’s potential future legal issues, Attorney General Letitia James, who also released the report of several sexual harassment allegations that ultimately led to Cuomo’s resignation as governor, is also reportedly investigating the use of employees and resources of the State to write his briefs.


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