Ana de Armas Net Worth – Bio Status, Career and Relationship


For many actresses who begin their careers making films originally in Spanish, making the transition to English, Hollywood and the American market can be an uphill battle.

Not for Ana de Armas, however. The 32-year-old Spanish-Cuban actress has used her talent, beauty and work ethic to make the transition relatively easy, and she’s well on her way to becoming a household name. As of 2022, Ana de Armas has a net worth of $4 million.


De Armas grew up in Havana, Cuba, and her full name, Ana Celia De Armas Caso, is definitely a mouthful. Spanish on her mother’s side, Cuban on her father’s side, she decided to become an actress at the age of 12 by enrolling in the National Theater School of Cuba.

Acting career

The professional approach paid off. She made her debut in Spanish films in 2006, and when she turned 18, she moved to Spain to have more acting opportunities.

His big break in the United States came with a role in “Hands of Stone,” a biopic about boxer Roberto Duran. De Armas played the mother of Duran’s five children. That and a sinister bombshell role in “Knock Knock” alongside Keanu Reeves launched her into a string of traditional Hollywood roles.

The work since then has been dense and fast-paced, and de Armas has been involved in some impressive projects, including a role in “Knives Out,” the critically acclaimed thriller satire that featured a number of other greats. stars, including Daniel Craig. and Chris Evans.

Speaking of Craig, de Armas is now set to become a member of the Bondosphere as she is set to star in the next installment of the Bond franchise. Craig, of course, recently decided to drop his version of the Bond character.

Her list of movies keeps growing, so de Armas is now a household name and she’s about to get paid appropriately. Despite his talent, bank account and growing resume, it’s his love life that has garnered the most attention over the past two years.

Which is basically the case when you get involved with the most famous male diva, Ben Affleck. De Armas first dipped her toes in romantic waters with Spanish actor Marc Clotet, but that two-year marriage ended in divorce in 2013.

Round two introduced her to talent agent Franklin Tatt, but that year-long relationship ended in an engagement that didn’t quite reach the altar.

dating life

Then she met Affleck on the set of the erotic thriller “Deep Water,” and it led to a relationship that absolutely thrilled tabloid sharks and Page Six mavens alike.

They separated early last year over differences over whether to have children together, and that of course indirectly led to Affleck’s infamous re-coupling with Jennifer Lopez.

For de Armas, the romantic ride continues, perhaps appropriately, with Tinder vice president Paul Boukadakis. The couple currently divide their time between Los Angeles and Texas, where Boukadakis resides.

Things reportedly got serious between them, so someone will probably have to move on if things go that way. Tabloid reactions aside, if they make it to the altar, the happy couple should be set for a lifetime of bad jokes.


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