Adelaide schoolboy who allegedly possessed extremist material will be sentenced as an adult


A 15-year-old Adelaide schoolboy who allegedly possessed extremist material and coached others online on how to make bombs will be sentenced as an adult, meaning he could face up to 15 years in prison .

Prosecutors have asked Adelaide Youth Court to sentence the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, as an adult where a heavier sentence could be given.

Judge Penny Eldridge today granted the request, meaning he faces a maximum of 15 years in prison instead of three.

The boy will reappear in court in December where he will likely plead guilty to possessing extremist material and taking steps to make an explosive.

Prosecutor Aimee Winra previously told the court that the “seriousness of the offence” meant the boy should be sentenced as an adult.

“This is not just a collection of a large volume of extremist material, which can only be described as extremely depraved and horrifying in nature,” Ms Winra said.

“The offense goes beyond that – the accused takes active steps to provide advice to others online on how to make explosives, suggesting that he had the technical ability to do so by pledging allegiance to the Bay’ah.”

The concept of “Bay’ah” is to pledge allegiance to the Islamic State.

Ms Wintra said detention center staff also found drawings of the Islamic State flag in her room.

The boy’s lawyer, Chris Weir, previously told Judge Eldridge that while his client would plead guilty to the crimes, further negotiations were needed to consolidate some of the charges before he formally entered his pleas.

“He is a young boy who has been grounded in his upbringing and has a family that continues to support him,” Mr Weir said.

He said the boy was receiving counseling in detention and attending a specialist program for potentially radicalized children.


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