3 Books Every Beginner Real Estate Agent Should Read


There is an abundance of content that new agents can choose from. To help out, Jonathan Spears, a top agent in Florida, gave Inman his three must-read books.

New to the industry? Start with everything you need to know about the first decisions that will shape your career, including choosing a brokerage, learning your market, building an online presence, budgeting, getting leads, marketing lists and more. If you’re a team leader or broker owner, New Agent Month is packed with resources to help your new hires navigate.

Jonathan spears is a real estate agency that works under Scenic Sotheby’s International Realty in Northwest Florida.

At just 29 years old, he has surpassed $ 1 billion in career sales and leads one of the most productive midsize teams in the country, Group of spears.

His success, he told Inman, is the result of patience, persistence, confidence and knowledge.

Today, Spears dominates the Northwest Florida luxury market, but it didn’t start out as a major competitor. In fact, he started his career in real estate as an assistant in a foreclosure company.

To tap into the high end of the market, Spears needed to improve his skills and expand his knowledge of the industry, something he is still working on today and advising others to do.

But the task of learning can often be daunting. Between courses, videos, and bestsellers, content agents can choose from an abundance.

To make that decision easier, Spears gave Inman three books that he recommends to those new to the business.

Sale of ninjas: subtle skills, great results

The book Ninja Sale: Subtle Skills. Great results, offers a step-by-step guide on how salespeople can adjust their methods to sell more and increase their income per hour.

“It’s an amazing foundation book that focuses on relationship building as the center of a sales strategy. It’s a first choice to go from “salesperson” to “advisor,” Spears said.

Author Larry Kendall is the founder of the real estate company, The Group, Inc. The company has just under 200 business associates and six offices in the northern Colorado area. Kendall is also the founder of the Ninja Sales Training System, which is taught to the general public through installations.

“If you follow the system, you will be very successful. And at the same time, you will never put yourself in a position of rejection. We call it a system because it will work for you, whatever your personality and whatever market you are in, ”Kendall said in a commentary. video presentation.

The five dysfunctions of a team: a fable of leadership

Written by Patrick Lencioni, TThe five dysfunctions of a team: a fable of leadership takes readers through the leadership struggles of a CEO, Kathryn Petersen. Throughout history, Lencioni reveals dysfunctions that can put even the best teams in difficulty.

“This is a great read on the pitfalls of a dysfunctional team and how to run a healthy organization. I would recommend this book to anyone currently working in a team or looking to build a team, ”Spears told Inman.

Lencioni is one of the founders of The group of tables, management consulting firm and author of 12 books, with over 7 million copies.

Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant: A Guide to Financial Freedom

The book Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant: A Guide to Financial Freedom is written by the famous Robert Kiyosaki. According to the description online, it aims to teach readers how to work less, earn more, pay less taxes, and become financially free.

“I would recommend this book to anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit looking to grow their business. It’s a book that teaches you to work “on” your business rather than always “in” the business, “Spears said.

Kiyosaki is a businessman and the author of the bestselling personal finance book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. He is also the founder of Rich dad, which offers educational tools for business growth and personal finance.

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