25 Signs A Rich Person Is Old Money Vs. New Money



WHISPERS OLD MONEY: “Proficiency in another language is much more likely (thanks to better general education).”

“I’m from the UK so maybe we have slightly different customs, but we have a lot of very old and wealthy families here with hereditary titles and historic family homes. In the UK they’re usually fluent in English. French or German. Knowledge of Latin and Greek used to be more common; older members of your family will be more familiar with these subjects, but it is still well taught in public schools. Children will not study dippy subjects at university, but will be encouraged towards things like law, medicine and classics. If they like music, they will go to a conservatory. Even if they never intend to practice these things are mainly for the approval of their parents, and so that they are not considered academically mediocre.

“Many have to work hard to impress their parents and maintain their approval; it’s not because the parents are tough, but usually because they’re aware of their wealth and privilege and try to make sure the kids don’t grow too big. Enforcing strong family rules, good manners and humility and promoting academic success are a good way to ensure that children don’t just have easy access to inherited wealth and grow , hopefully polite and grateful for what they have. It doesn’t always work, however.



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