What do Spaniards look for in health insurance?

Health is not valued until we lose it or someone in our environment suffers from it. Even less serious health problems make us aware of how necessary it is. For example, a small fissure in the hand, if it involves the blissful plaster, means the loss of a lot of autonomy. Have you tried showering with a plaster in your hand and the usual plastic bag in it? And if you wear long hair, make yourself a simple ponytail, or use the computer mouse with the hand that is not the usual? And let’s not say if it is a serious or disabling illness. The personal and family disorder is huge.

Taking out medical insurance


But if you are reading this article, it is probably because you are already worried or worried about your health and that of yours and you are considering taking out medical insurance . Or maybe you already have it but it doesn’t fit what you need.

Medical insurance offers


When you are interested in this topic, you may find that medical insurance offers so many services and many possibilities, that sometimes it is easy to get lost and it can be difficult to compare each other. In case it helps you, we will give you some key points of the Spaniards in relation to health insurance , according to the UNESPA 2015 Social Security Report:

  1. The main causes of hiring are personal tranquility and family protection.
  2. The most chosen modality is that of medical staff without co-payment . This means that you do not pay for the visit or visit and you can choose any professional from the insurance company.
  3. After car insurance, medical insurance is the one we know best about the contracted conditions, that is, what it covers or does not cover.
  4. We give more importance to the quality of insurance and assistance, than to the price .

If this information has not helped you in your search, we will give you some tips to better choose your health insurance:


  • Think about your needs and those of your family : how many are you, how old are the different family members and why medical circumstances can happen in the coming years, if you live in a rural or urban area, etc.
  • Assess if there is any specific circumstance that must be taken into account : chronic diseases in the family, chances of pregnancy, babies in the family, a family member with special needs …
  • Budget : talking about health may seem the least important but as any service has a cost and can be decisive.
  • Compare the coverage of various health insurance companies.
  • Read various health insurance opinions . But keep one thing in mind, most people write when they have a problem of any kind: in a store, in the workshop or in a hotel. Much less people take the trouble to write when everything is going well, so value it with caution, and look at the date of the comments you can read on the internet forums. In a couple of years things can change a lot.

Each case is a world and each person must assess their circumstances, their needs and their budget but it is clear that investing in health is worthwhile and that, often, going to the doctor promptly, without having to wait long waiting lists, allows us prevent greater evils and live healthier for longer.

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