There is a jungle out there for you looking for loans – Payday Loans

This site is by no means unique if you look at what we are doing. There are many other sites out there that compare loans etc. The problem is for visitors to find which ones are serious and not.

There is lots of money to pull in


Making a site is relatively easy and would anyone rank very high in many different terms in Moodle then there is lots of money to pull in. This has meant that many have entered the market, we are such an example. The stupid thing is that there are many actors who are not serious in any way and you should try to avoid them.

Of course, we think our site is good and that we have correct information. However, I never think that we are the best and everyone else is poor, because there are several other sites that are really good where you can find equivalent information. But there are others who are reluctant to do just that.

IT was possible to compare loans

IT was possible to compare loans

For example, I recently visited a site that boasted that it was possible to compare loans. Doesn’t feel like there is so much to boast about as it is, as well as a basic condition, to have an okay side of this kind. Some loans are more difficult to compare since it is not possible to say exactly what interest rate it will be etc., but this page was about SMS loans and there it is easy to compare costs. We compare, for example, and I can probably quickly list 6 – 7 other sites that have similar comparisons. Sure, they have slightly different solutions to how the comparisons go, but the results are the same.

Another thing to look at is how the texts are written. Visited, for example, another page that also dealt with SMS loans and there was, for example, an article that suggested that you could take an SMS loan to pay a trip to the sun. This is an extremely stupid way to act and the site that has such tips can in no way be considered serious. If they give tips of this kind, can you clearly wonder what they have done for something else?

Amount of money that different lenders pay out varies

Amount of money that different lenders pay out varies

A loan page makes money when visitors borrow from a lender after they have entered the site through a link from the loan site. The amount of money that different lenders pay out varies greatly and an unseemly site may well be conceivable to emphasize the lenders on which they make more money, which should not be the best for the borrower.

Then it is not at all that all lenders pay something. We have several here on the site that we do not make any money at all and that is how it should be. Because it is common for the big banks to pay nothing, but not to include them in a comparison is not serious. Therefore, if you do not go to a page that compares mortgages and private loans and you do not find the big banks, a warning sign should come up for you.

The important thing is that you always make an active choice whether you want to believe in the site you are visiting or not. If you think our site is not serious, you should not, for example, click on any links here. Then, of course, we hope this is not the case when we try to work to be serious, but we may not succeed.

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