A simple tip to lower monthly mortgage expenses

Is there any possibility of reducing the cost of the monthly mortgage loan fee? Clear! By modifying the factors that affect a decrease can be achieved. Lower the rate, increase the term, for example.

Verify the cost of insurance

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Always, when acquiring a mortgage loan, the financial entity will require insurance that responds to the property in case of damage or destruction and, also, insurance that pays the bank the outstanding installments of the credit if the policyholder dies . Meanwhile, if what you want is to have an idea of ​​the expenses you would face monthly with each bank, the mortgage credit simulator is the tool you are looking for. If you were missing, your family would have to keep paying the credit! The best prognosis is that nothing happens, but, you never know, so please pay for peace of mind insurance. It is barely obvious: the bank protects its interests, that is, the property that serves as collateral and the total value of the loan. But attention, interest only the bank?

Sometimes clients ask why you have to pay these insurance n. I question them : If something happened, what would you prefer? If, in a fire, the house you are paying is affected, you would have to pay the settlement and continue paying the credit fee! The information of a mortgage credit simulator is referential and subject to change, so the 100% accurate information is what a bank would give you once you apply for a mortgage loan. 

Debtors life insurance

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When a friend’s father died, the mother , very confused by such an event, did not know whether to cry or celebrate. I had just received notification from the bank that the insurance had canceled the outstanding debt on the house. 12 0 monthly installments were missing.

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